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Is It Time for Your Software Company to Dive Into the World of PSD2 Licensing?

As you consider integrating the power of PSD2 into your software, a pivotal question arises: is it time for your company to embrace a PSD2 license? The possibilities are endless, but uncertainty can be daunting. We're here to guide you on this thrilling journey:

  • idea Uncover the Thriving Universe of Open Banking: Step into the dynamic realm of open banking, brimming with opportunities.
  • equip Equip Yourself With a Handy Checklist: We're in your corner with a practical checklist, delineating the crucial steps before embarking on your PSD2 licensing adventure.
  • navigate Navigate Operational Waters: Learn how to steer through operational complexities, including the challenges, costs, and ongoing maintenance accompanying a PSD2 license.
  • search Explore Licensing Alternatives: Unsure if a PSD2 license is the right fit? We'll delve into alternative routes with you, ensuring you make the most informed decision.
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Thibault Tang

“ Ponto was our first choice, primarily for their wide European bank coverage. ”


Thibault Tang
Developer, Axonaut